Moving with Pets

By September 25, 2015 Moving Tips

At Good to Go we love moving your entire family, including your four-legged family members.

While our teams are specially trained to handle moving day with pets, there are several ways you can help minimize stress for everyone involved.

Consider letting your pet get to know your drivers before they start moving your items. Animals are very territorial and may be hesitant to welcome strangers into their home. Have treats handy for the movers to give your pet as a way to introduce themselves — this is a surefire way to get fast acquainted with any cat or dog.

Has a family member been assigned to caring for the family pet on moving day? This could be one of your children, a friend, or family member. To ensure their safety, put animals in a blocked off area (using a baby gate or boxes) so they become a spectator of the action yet safely out of the fray. Putting them in an isolated room could cause them further stress since they know something is happening yet can’t see it. Make sure they have food, water and, of course, their favorite toys to keep them occupied.

When packing up the car, leave plenty of room for your animals. By giving them ample space, they will be more comfortable and relaxed during the drive to their new home.